Hey there.

I'm John.

Illustrator, designer, and overall nerd based in Toronto, Canada. I have slain the dragons at Sheridan and Humber College, granting me both a BA in Applied Arts (Illustration) as well as a diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design. A full time graphic designer at NMR Distribution, I have worked with companies and brands such as:

GAMAGO, MARVEL, DC Comics, WB, The Jim Henson Company,
Toei Animation, Funimation, Nickelodeon, MIRAMAX, WWE, NASA,
The Beatles, John Wayne, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Ross, Peanuts,
ACDC, Cartoon Network, The Smithsonian, and others.

I am the primary architect of the Cardgame, as well as have had a hand in creating several other tabletop games.

I am also available for freelance work.

I can be contacted at or stalked through the usual social media below.